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After taking a short hiatus from this blog, which turned into almost two years, I'm trying to start again. There's something intensely vulnerable about blogging which scares me, and kept six versions (rewritten every couple of months) of this "hello again" post, lying dormant in my drafts. But I'm ready to learn how to do this.
Everything about my life has changed since the beginning of my junior year. I am now off to college in two months, which is confusing and terrifying, since I often feel like a twelve year old. I have had the chance to explore weird, beautiful places like Tennessee, San Diego, and South Dakota. I can drive! I switched my intense obsession with raspberry tea to one with obnoxiously cold water! I started growing my hair out! And so, so much more,
Equally, nothing has changed. Summer in the 'burbs still consists of trying in vain to get food after 8pm, walking around to watch the sunset, and watching twelve straight hours of Netflix. (Side note: I finished Riverdale today and I have SO MANY feelings about it.) Trips to New York, like the one I had this weekend with my friend Elsa, seem to be the only way to break up the monotony.
We walked around the Met drenched in sweat, had some good acai, and soaked up vitamin D in central park. A total tourist weekend, but exactly what we needed. Plus, I finally got to see the Comme des Garcons exhibition, and I nearly cry. Enjoy the iPhone pics, as everything was far too spur-of-the-moment for anything else.

Catching my breath and trying to seem cool before heading in.

The texture... the color... the styling... everything.

Temporary tattoos, because why not?

Sweaty, tired, and happy.

So, before I get too scared and simply save this in my drafts again, I'll post it. Please, feel free to comment with any other blogs you think I should read, thoughts you're having, or any encouragement for me to keep writing.

Much love,

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  1. Ahh as soon as you commented on my blog I checked out your blog too! :D
    That's really nice. Best wishes for your college life Fiona (can you appreciate for a moment that we have the same name) :D

    I'm looking forward for your future posts ;) Just followed you.

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

    1. thank you so much! and name twins are always the best :)

  2. Diving back into a blog can be scary, but you've done the hard part already- you've gotten started. now, to maintain your momentum, all you've got to do is keep going. Talk about the fear and possible anxiety that you feel on your blog- I have no doubt your readers will be able to relate.

    Welcome back to the Blogosphere!

    If you ever need a blogging buddy, I'm up for a chat!


    1. thanks for the encouragement! now that i've made the first step, it's so much more exciting and my ideas have started coming back. i may have to take you up on that chat at some point :)

  3. Such a beautiful post, super gorgeous I love it!

    Can we follow eachother? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

    BLOG: GorisHelena

  4. These hello posts are some of the most difficult to write! But you've done yours so well! Good luck with starting college! x

    1. Thank you so much! I'll need all the luck I can get, haha. xp

  5. welcome back to the blog world babe! keep sharing your thoughts!

  6. Hi!
    I didn't know your blog before, but I give you my best wishes to your new begining!
    The exhibit you went might be amazing, Rei Kawakubo is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much! And it was, she's so inspirational.

  7. perfect


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