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Hi everyone - first of all an apology for not being active over the last week and a bit. Over losing my camera charger and general life chaos I didn't have anything to post. 

Also, an announcement! Lelo from Lelo's Awkward Style and I are blogging in partnership this month. We're taking the same themes this month and blogging about them. Lelo's first post about back-to-school went live yesterday and it's utterly adorable! Mine will be coming through tomorrow - summer holidays have a way of messing with my perception of time and I haven't finished preparing my post yet. 

Anyways, a couple of days ago I finally managed to charge my camera battery and head into Boston. My dad was on a shoot for an indie film which, while very cool at first, got dreadfully boring after an hour or two. I'm not the best at staying still, quiet, and out-of-the-way when there are so many exciting things around me - huge cases of makeup, professional lighting equipment, stacks of signed band posters and books. I guess I'm a little bit of a child in that way. To make sure I didn't mess anything up on the set, I snuck out and went for a walk with my camera instead.

I feel like I'm always talking about how much I want to travel, to move away and never come back. I definitely have a fair amount of wanderlust in me, but lately I've been coming to see how much I love my home and my city. I'm working on getting to know the different areas and neighborhoods a bit better. Even though I've lived less than an hour outside of Boston almost my whole life, I've always felt like a tourist until this summer.

I've been noticing every airplane track in the sky lately. I want to know where the planes have come from and where they're going. 

Silhouettes, silhouettes, silhouettes

I love the feeling of cities on late summer afternoons. Warmth that envelopes you, people grateful to be going home from a long day at work. 

If I got reincarnated, I think I'd like to be a flower. Or a butterfly. Whatever.

I was seriously questioning my own judgement by this point of the day. Jeans aren't always the best choice, and especially when it's almost 90 Fahrenheit. 

I love the sky so, so much. I probably would have a lot more phone storage if I could stop taking pictures every time the sky turns a different color but I have my priorities in order.

I'm not sure exactly what this was a reaction to, but it was almost definitely a corny dad joke.

While Christian Science gives me uncomfortable vibes, I love the pool of reflection. On this particular afternoon, there was an old man doing Tai Chi along the end of the pool and it was so beautiful.

I'm terrified of going back to school, because the late city afternoons will end. But let's enjoy them while they're still here, right?

xxx Fiona

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  1. Nice pictures, can't wait to see your theme's article ;)

  2. Awesome photos<3


  3. This is cute. I love looking at planes too, imagining who's on them.



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