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9:31 PM

Oh god, I'm here again after another absence. Someone really needs to teach me how to keep track of time and how to not lose my charging cables. Because I'm so behind, I decided to combine the first two themes of Lelo's and my blogging challenge: back-to-school and early mornings. 

Yesterday was my first day back at school, and it came with the obligatory over-caffination and then anxiety attack. I managed to drink six cups of coffee (five at school and one on the way home) and I had to pause my Aziz Ansari stand-up special at home to go and puke. Classy, right?!

This is my junior year of high school and I'm terrified of what that has to bring. I'm not ready to "get serious" or think about college or set an example for the underclassmen. I just want to listen to my music and scribble in my journal and argue with my teachers like I've always done. 

And to add to all of that, school isn't so much my scene. I'm missing my late summer afternoons and my lazily cooked brunches. Now, everything's about rushed breakfasts and cool morning air; and I suppose there's a magic to that, too, but it's not magic that I know how to work. At least not yet. 

So, to make my rushed post written with shaking hands (I really need to lay off the coffee) seem better, here's some pictures of the end of summer and the beginning of school and everything that represents.

On the last day before Olivia had to go back to school, we took a long walk and explored a few different swimholes in the river. 

Being infinitely more wise than me, Olivia actually brought a bikini..

But I love the tiny rebellion of swimming in your underwear. I guess I'm too much of a "good kid" to really sneak out or do anything wild, but it's good to break even the tiniest of rules. 

Hour long walks along roads with no pavements. Ah, the joy of nearly getting run over every minute.

It's like, purposefully over-exposed for the aesthetic. Probably. 

"Olivia, grab the private property sign! But brush off the leaves first."

The third and final swimhole. Not the most fun, but the most picturesque for sure.

Thank you for reading this post! I promise I'll have something of better quality on Monday... and actually in time for the week's theme.

xxx Fiona

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  1. So cool to see what you've done ^_^
    I really like the pictures

  2. Trust me when I say junior year of high school is not as terrifying as senior year. Haha, it's okay to take absence and relax from blogging. Just have fun with your friends now. I wish I did when I was 15, and I say this as an 18-year old <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. thank you so much for this comment, it's what i needed to hear today <3

  3. Great post! Don't worry cutie, it's not as terrifying as it seems in the beginning. You'll be wonderful and have fun!

  4. These pictures are so cute! It makes me miss all the green of the east coast...if you have anxiety you should take it easy on the caffeine, it will just make it worse!



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