Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

5:19 PM

The other day, I was stuck inside my house with no plans and no one to drive me anywhere. I was bored out of my mind - and so I decided to go for a walk. I set off with my camera down a trail that enters the woods near my house. I walked for roughly an hour, until I decided it was probably time to start heading home... except I wasn't exactly sure where that was anymore. After the third or fourth wrong turn, I decided to just head toward the sound of cars. I walked through some thick underbrush, two fields, and several backyards until I found myself back on a sidewalk. I was a pile of sweat by that point, so I dropped into the general store and got myself a bottle of water even though I didn't have any money. (Oh, the perks of small town living. Thanks, Janet). Although there were a few minutes where I was sure I was going to die alone and get eaten by chipmunks, I had a pretty amazing afternoon. There's nothing like a late summer sweat to get you going.

 I'm sure it's probably terrible for the environment, but I love finding completely out-of-place junk in the woods... It makes me wonder about the story behind how it got there. 

I'm also slightly obsessed with just HOW MANY shades of green there are in this world. It shocks me every time I go into the woods.

There's something magical about the way nature creates doorways and entrances, I think. 

I walked past roughly 800 telephone poles while lost... and I was sure every time that this next one would be the one by the path to lead me back to my house.

I will never get tired of scribbling on my Chucks - they currently say "Yo soy la princesa" and "I've known it for a long time" on the toes but that's liable to change any day.

Late afternoon late always gets me far too excited.

This was the field I finally stumbled into; I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it seemed.

Thank you for reading!

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